Misc: #AllThingsHeavyNC

Hey NC – We here at All Things HHH are having a hard time getting our posts out to the masses, who we know go to these shows and support our local talent. We’re going to be trying a few new things with our postings on Twitter and Facebook. If you are getting our posts in your feeds, give us a like/share. We are going to do what we can do on our end to be sure we are reaching as many people as possible. Going to try tagging the bands (from NC), send out a weekly show listing, etc. If you have any suggests, let us know!

Some social platforms are with holding our posts unless we pay to boost them. As of right now, we here at All Things HHH are doing this work because our love for the bands/scene. There is not any “income” to pay for this type of advertising.

Thanks for your support, and as always – Keep it heavy. #AllThingsHeavyNC