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June 14

-Jonny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Abstractionist, Death of Uriah, Ethyrium /The Calico Room(W)

-Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament /PNC Music Pavilion(C)

June 15

-Waking Tera, Death of Uriah, Solace Betrayal /Clayton Beverage(Clayton)

-Mudvalley Metalstock 2018: Eye of the Destroyer, Never I, I,The Supplier, Reflect//Refine, ANGST

June 16

-ANTiSEEN, A Killing Tradition, TBA /Social Games and Brews(D)

-8 Vacant Graves, Tombstone Highway, Chaos Among Cattle, Built on the Ruins, Swallow the Sky,Summoners Circle /(Mill Springs)

-Body Kit, New Boss, Sunset Pallette, Mutex /Slim’s Downtown(R)

-Ufomammut, White Hills, MAKE /Kings Barcade(R)

June 17

-Sunday Punk Day: KIFF, A Killing Tradition /Clayton Beavage(Clayton)

-Crank It Loud presents ‘Winter’s Gate’ tour: Insomnium, Outliar, As Oceans/Local 506(CH/C)

-Descent(EP release show), Reflect//Refine, East Viridian, Oakhaven, Fractured Frames, Empty/The Milestone(C)

June 18

-Young Widows, Null, Wailin Storms /Cat’s Cradle-Back Room(CH/C)

June 19

-Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly /Red Hat Amphitheater(R)

-Debt Neglector, Aloha Broha, TBA /The Milestone(C)

June 20

-Primitive Ways presents ‘Devastation On the Nation’ tour: Aborted, Psycroptic, Ingestered, Disentomb,Arkaik, Venom Prison, Signs of the Swarm, Ergodic /Motorco(D)

-The Black Dalia Murder, Whitechapel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aversions Crown, Shadow of Intent/The Tarheel(J)

-Ancalagon, Vesterian, Valle Crucis, Rites to Sedition /The Milestone(C)

June 21

-Local Band Local Beer: Demon Eye, Disenchanter, Doomstress, Vacant Company /The Pour House(R)

-Ancalagon, Arghast, Ose /The Maywood(R)

-Bongripper, Torch Runner, Toke, Old Painless /Local 506(CH/C)

-Blind Path Booking presents: Black Tongue(UK), Traitors, MESS, Gautama, Constellation Atlas/The DHP(F)

June 22

-Colin’ Birthday bash: Madd Hatters, Machinegun Earl /Clayton Bevage(Clayton)

June 23

-40th Birthday for Jessika: Gates of Endor, Edge of Humanity, Ghost of Saturday Night, Few Good Things/Deep South(R)

-Bad Wolf, Diamante /The Tarheel(J)

-YOB, Bell Witch, Toke /Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern(W)

-Ape Vermin,Valence-NC, Thing Sloth, Black Eyed Kids/Electric Funeral (Taylorsville)

June 24

-Reverend Horton Heat, Big Sandy, Laura Hope & The Ark-Tones /The Blind Tiger(G)

-Local Music Showcase: Lifecurse, Chaos Among Cattle, Fractured Frames /The Orange Peel

-YOB, Bell Witch, Netherlands /The Mothlight(A)

June 25

-YOB, Bell Witch, Netherlands /Kings Barcade(R)

June 27

-Primitive Ways presents: Sludgemuffin, Lesser Glow, Darth Kannabyss /Slim’s Downtown(R)

June 29

-SoulSeason, Weight of Whispers, Fear the Indifference /Clayton Beverage(Clayton)

June 30

-Queen City Metal Fest 4: Blackwater Drowning, Annabel Lee, Black Ritual(CD release),

Violent Life Violent Death, Never I, Reflect//Refine, Abhorrent Deformity /The Underground(C)

-ASG, Lo Pain, Beitthemeans, Delicious /The Mothlight(A)

July 01

-ASG, Lo-Pan, Beitthemeans /Local 506(CH/C)

July 03

-The Goddam Gallows, Gallows Bound /Neighborhood Theatre(C)

July 04

-Void Omnia, Isenordal, Mo’ynoq, Shadow of the Destroyer /The Odditorium(A)

-The Koffin Kats, The Goddam Gallows, Viva Le Lox /The Grey Eagle(A)

July 06

-Nefarious, Amnesis, Redefind, Chaos Ensues/Hobo’s (ST)

July 07

-ION, Etiolated, The Osedax, The Buring Hand /Local 506(CH/C)

July 10

-Crank It Loud presents: Secrets /The Blind Tiger(G)

July 13

-Friday the 13th Massacre: Gross Reality, Paagtheaan, Malediction /The Maywood(R)

-The Body, Lingua, Ignota, Solar Halos /Pinhook(D)

– Dirty South Fest 14: The Dirty South Revolutionaries, Smartboyz, Over the Wire, The Beatdowns +more TBA/2 DAYS/Canvas Tattoo&Art Gallery(C)

July 14

-Movement Productions presents ‘Better Off Dead’ fest: TBA /The DHP(F)

-Jonny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Abstractionist, Death of Uriah, Ethyrium /The Calico Room(W)

-Digital Noir featuring DJ Michael Price & DJ Spider: Dark and aggressive Goth/Industrial dance night/The Milestone(C)

July 19

-Deathheaven, Drab Majesty, Uniform /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)

-Crank It Loud presents: Strawberry Girls, Night Verses, Andres /Local 506(CH/C)

July 20

-Wanderer, Jaw, Dead Pets /Local 506(CH/C)

-Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling /PNC Music Pavilion(C)

-The Blood of Gods tour: GWAR, Light the Torch /The Orange Peel(A)

-Skid Row, Great White /Harrah’s Cherokee(Cherokee)

July 21

-Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling /Coastal Credit Union Music Park(R)

-Bongripper, Torch Runner, TOKE, Old Painless /Local 506(CH/C)

-Hopesfall, Greyhaven, Violent Life Violent Death, Never I /Neighborhood Theatre(C)

July 23

-Primitive Ways presents: Alterbeast, Inferi, Reaping Asmodeia, Septicemic /Local 506(CH/C)

-Witch Mountain, TBA /Mothlight(A)

July 25

-Witch Mountain, TBA /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)

July 27

-Final Conflict, Madd Hatters, Safe Word /Slim’s Downtown(R)

-Chaos Ensues, Origin of Disease, Syneresis /Clayton Beavage(Clayton)

July 28

-Pray For the Wicked tour: Panic! at the Disco, Hayley Kiyoko, ARIZONA /PNC Arena(R)

-SommerKill Booking presents: Temple Of Void, Eldrich Horror, Datura, Antenora /Motorco(D)

-Unsane, Wrong /Local 506(CH/C)

-Glassjaw, TBA /The Underground(C)

-Random Conflict, Valence NC, South Side Punx, The Commonwealth /The Milestone(C)

July 29

-Weedeater, Zeke, Sierra /Mothlight(A)

July 30

-Van’s Warp Tour ’18: Chelsea Grin, Unearth, Every Time I Die, Motionless In White, The Amity Affliction,Issues, Harms Way, Mychildern Mybride w/ 47 more bands /PNC Music Pavilion(C)

Aug 01

-Marlin Manson, TBA /The Fillmore(C)

Aug 02

-Black Label Society, COC, Eyehategod /The Fillmore(C)

Aug 03

-Fractured Frames, SoulSeason, Systematic Devastation /The Odditorium(A)

Aug 04

-Medium Well In Hell IV: Withered, Battlemaster, ASM, Shadow of the Destroyer, Paagtheaan, Mo’ynoq,

Arghast, Grethor, Erlkonig /The Maywood(R)

Aug 05

-Rage Fest: Attila, Suicide Silence, Volumes, Spite /The Underground(C)

Aug 07

-Pennywise /Lincoln Theatre(R)

-Mourning in Amerika tour: Rise Against, AFI, Anti Flag /Red Hat Amphitheater(R)

Aug 22

-Primitive Ways presents: Dopethrone, Witchtit, Old Codger /The Pour House(R)

Sep 01

-Inter Arma, Tooth, Bvnnies /Local 506(CH/C)

Sep 02

-Heavy Mountain Music and Beer fest: High On Fire, Black Tusk, Inter Arma, TBA /The Orange Peel(A)

Sep 06

– Hopscotch Music Festival: MC5, Red Fang plus many more, 12 different venues over 4 days /(R)

Sep 08

-Dear Mother War, Abstractionists, Abhorrent Deformity, Violent Life Violent Death /The Calico Room(W)

Sep 11

-Deep Purple, Judas Priest /PNC Music Pavilion(C)

Sep 19

-The Judas Rising tour: FOZZY, Adelita’s Way, Stone Broken, The Stir /The Underground(C)

Sep 20

-The Judas Rising tour: FOZZY, Adelita’s Way /The Tarheel(J)

-DRI, Kaustik, Drunk In a Dumpster /The Grey Eagle(A)

Sep 21

-DRI, Kaustik, Few Good Things /The Maywood(R)

Sep 22

-DRI, Kaustik, Drunk In a Dumpster, No Anger Control /The Rabbit Hole(C)

Sep 23

-Cloven Hoof(UK), Savage Master, Temptation’s Wings /The Grey Eagle(A)

Sep 26

-Primitive Ways presents: No Raza, Greves, Edge of Humanity /Slim’s Downtown(R)

-Andrew W.K. /Motorco(D)

Oct 03

-Crank It Loud presents ‘Will to Power’ North American tour: Arch Emery, Goatwhore, Uncurred/Arizona Pete’s(G)

Oct 06

-American Tattoo Society presents: hed PE, Seeking Solace, Bridge To Breakdown, The Cult Classics, Strangers /The DHP(F)

Oct 09

-Alice Cooper, A Paranormal Evening with /Ovens Auditorium(C)

Oct 10

-Crank It Loud presents: Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Omnium Gatherum /Motorco(D)

Oct 22

-Metallica /Spectrum Center(C)

Nov 10

-American Tattoo Society presents: Doyle, Grim Details /The DHP(F)

Nov 16

-Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Doyle, The Cult Classic, Era Gone /The Maywood(R)

Nov 18

-Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Doyle, Abstractionist, Ethyrium /The Calico Room(W)

Jan 28

-Metallica /PNC Arena(R)


(R)-Raleigh (D)-Durham
(CH/C)-Chapel Hill/Carrboro (G)-Greensboro
(F)-Fayetteville (WS)-Winston Salem
(T)-Thomasville (M)-Murfreesboro
(J)-Jacksonville (W)-Wilmington
(C)-Charlotte (A)-Asheville
(H)-Hickory (ST)-Statesville (S)-(S)-Salisbury


One thought on “All Shows

  1. Sue says:

    I absolutely love this. Ive been to some great shows thanks to your list. Thank you so much for doing this, this is just what the NC music scene needed.


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