All Shows


April 19 -The Bleeps, Rebuilder, Rooftops, The Commonwealth, Erik Button /The Milestone(C)

April 20 -Book of Wyrms, Witch Hazel /The Maywood(R)


-Sun of Nile, MindShapeFist /Clayton Beverage(Clayton)


April 21 -Primitive Ways presents: Car Crash Star, Desert Altar, The Indighost /Slim’s Downtown(R)


-American Speedway, Sean K Preston, Viva Le Vox, Hearts and Daggers /The Pour House(R)


-Abhorrent Deformity, Colossal Abyss, Datura, Horns of Baphomet /Reggie’s 42nd St Tavern(W)


-Trash Room /Repo Records(C)


-Thing Sloth /Dead Wax Records(Lenoir)


April 22 -Crank It Loud presents: TesseracT, PLINI, Astronoid /Arizona Pete’s(G)


April 23 -30th Anniversary tour: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Roseclouds /The Pour House(R)


-Hellwitch, Nemesis, Dire Hatred, Krvsade /The Milestone(C)


April 24 -The Skull, Lightning Born, King Hitter /The Pour House(R)


-Settle Your Scores, Sink the Ship, Telltale /IMURJ(R)


April 25 -Nickle & Dime Entertainment presents: Powerman 5000, Lullwater, A Light Divided, Shun the Raven, Murder Maiden /The Blind Tiger(G)


-Sick Minds, Withdraw, Recover the Satellite, Dad Fight /The Milestone(C)


April 26 -Deterioration, Hallucination Realized, BXT, Basura, Adipocere /Slim’s Downtown(R)


-Red Mage Booking presents: Axattack, Bastard Brigade, TBA /Reggie’s 42nd St Tavern(W)


April 27 -Crank It Loud presents: Pianos Become the Teeth, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die / IMURJ(R)


-Prevail tour: Koba and the Lotus, Waking Tera, Break the Skyline, Bridge to Breakdown, Solace Betrayal **Free show w/ advance ticket** /Hooligans Pub(J)


April 28 -Devils Trumpet Booking presents ‘Saturday Metal Matinee’: Edge of Humanity, Gates of Endor, Black Water Drowning Early show, 3pm /The Pour House(R)


-Primitive Ways presents: KIFF, Warboys, October, Thundering Herd /The Maywood(R)


-American Tattoo Society presents ‘Prevail’ tour: Kobra and the Lotus, Black Market Special, The Gray, Hell’s a Coming, Heartwell /The DHP(F)


April 29 -Johnny ‘Cutt Promotion presents ‘Prevail’ tour: Kobra and the Lotus, Faith and Scars, Raimee, Seeking Solace, Desired Redemption /The Maywood(R)


-High Cube, Granddad, Meangirls, Dollhands /The Milestone(C)


-Axattack, Morganton, Neverfall /Keg and Cue(C)


April 30 -Chain Link Booking presents: Backtrack, Mizery, Regulate, Hangman /Local 506(CH/C)


May 01 -Iron Reagan, TBA /The Mothlight(A)


May 02 –American Tattoo Society presents: Fit For an Autopsy, Gautama, Fear the Indifference, HEFT, Birth the Wretched /The DHP(F)


May 03 -Primitive Ways presents: Come To Grief, Fistula, Priapus, Etiolated /The Maywood(R)


-Crank It Loud presents: Obituary, Pallbearer, Skeletonwitch, Dust Bolt, False Prophet /The Blind Tiger(G)


May 04- Carolina Rebellion: Clutch, In This Moment, Sevendust, Baroness, Hatebreed, Power Trip, Red Fang, May 06     Code Orange, Parkway Drive, Mutoid Man, Emmure, Toothgrinder, Stick To Your Guns, /Charlotte Motor Speedway(C)

May 04 -Thrashitorium presents: Iron Reagan, Left Cross, Skemata /Kings Barcade(R)


-The Ghost of Saturday Nite, Few Good Things, Grim Details /Deep South(R)


-Buckethead, an evening with /The Orange Peel(A)


May 05 -Cinco de Mayo party: Zodiac Panthers, The Cemetery Boys, The CAZZ /Reggie’s 42nd St Tavern(W)


May 06 -Melvins, TBA /Visulite Theater(C)


May 07 -Melvins, All Souls /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)


-Irata, Sierra(Canada), Parities with Strangers /Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern(W)


-Into Darkness 2018 tour: Dirty Rotten Revenge, Rocket 77 /The Calico(W)


May 08 -Buckethead, an evening with /Lincoln Theatre(R)


-Irata, Sierra, Greevace, TBA /The Milestone(C)


May 09 -Buckethead, an evening with /Neighborhood Theatre(C)


May 11 -Yea(H)(CD release), Madd Hatters /The Maywood(R)


-Septicemic, Pathogenesis, Horns of Baphomet /Clayton Beverage(Clayton)


May 12 -Crank It Loud presents ‘The Born to Die’ tour: Slaughter To Prevail, TBA /Motorco(D)


-Blessing a Curse, /NY Pizza(G)


-Born of Osiris, Fit for a King, Gideon, Currents /The Cone Demin Entertainment Center(G)


-Digital Noir featuring DJ Michael Price & DJ Spider: Dark and aggressive Goth/Industrial dance night /The Milestone(C)


May 13 -Settle Your Scores, Sink the Ship, Telltale /NY Pizza(G)


-Blessing a Curse, Never I, TBA /The DHP(F)


May 15 -Dogs In the Fight, The Hooliganz, A.N.G.S.T. /The Milestone(C)


May 16 -Ufomammut, White Hills /Kings Barcade(R)


-Thrashitorium presents: Cannabis Corpse, Eldritch Horror, Malediction, Whitchtit /The Maywood(R)


May 17 -Babymetal, Skyhabor /The Fillmore(C)


May 18 -Primitive Ways presents: Septicemic, Serpentshrine, Arghast /Slim’s Downtown(R)


-Origin of Disease, Malediction, Whitchtit /Clayton Beverage(Clayton)


-Blackbird Production presents ‘Crow’s Birthday Bash’: El Duderino, Written In Gray, The Norm, Heaven Forbid, Pushbutton Apocalypse, ANGST, Crimson Soil /The Ramkat(WS)


-Violent Life Violent Death, Deathcard, Dyingwhale, Abhorrent Deformity /Skylark(C)


May 19 –Essex Murro, Permanent Makeup /Slim’s Downtown(R)


-New Found Glory, Bayside, The Movielife, William Ryan Key /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)


-Primus, Mastodon /Charlotte Metro Credit Union(C)


-Black Ritual, Annabel Lee, Blackwater Drowning, Dragged by the Neck /The Milestone(C)


May 20 –Primus, Mastodon, All Them Witches /Red Hat Amphitheater(R)


-Crank It Loud presents ReBuilt to Tour: Hammerfall, Flotsam & Jetsam, Mechabull, Era Gone /Motorco(D)


May 22 -Ghost, an evening with /Thomas Wolf Auditorium(A)


May 23 -Pillorian, Bedowyn, Mo’ynoq /Kings Barcade(R)


May 24 -Descendents, TBA /The Orange Peel(A)


-Pillorian, All Hell, Shadow of the Destroyer /Mothlight(A)


May 25 -Peter Hook & The Light /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)


-Demon Eye, All Night High, Bandolero /Reggie’s 42nd St Tavern(W)


May 26 -Descendents, TBA /The Ritz(R)


May 27 -Memorial Day Weekend cookout: Parties with Strangers, Street Clones, The Asound, God Good Grief, Nonchalant Shotgun /Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern(W)


May 29 -Primitive Ways presents: Petrification, Birth the Wretched, Origin of Disease /Slim’s Downtown(R)


-American Tattoo Society presents ‘Little Monsters’ tour: Raven Black, Hail Sagan, Aboleth, Raimee, Obsidian Darling, Murder Maiden /The DHP(F)


June 03 -Self Defense Family, Sannhet /Mothlight(A)


June 05 -The Dickies, The Queers /The Pour House(R)


-Earthless, Here Lies Man /The Mothlight(R)


June 06 -Worthwhile Sounds presents The Dickies 40th Anniversary tour: The Dickies, The Queers /The Grey Eagle(A)



June 09 -Raleigh Deathfest 2018: Inter Arma, Deathcrown, Widow, Eldritch Horror, Mo’ynoq, Abhorrent Deformity, Datura, Necrocosm, Murdersome /The Maywood(R)


-Punk Nite at the Pinhook: The Ghost of Saturday Nite, Dissin’ Terry, Nevernauts, Grim Details / The Pinhook(D)


-Onyx Alley presents ’Release the Beast Vol 1’: Soul Season(album release), Raimee, The Reticent,Written In Gray, Inferior Design, The Sketch /Somewhere Else Tavern(G)


-King’s X /The Ramkat(WS)



June 11 –Lamb of God, Behemoth /The Ritz(R)



June 13 -Crank It Loud presents: Combichrist, Wednesday 13, Nightclub, Prison, Death Valley High/The Blind Tiger(G)



June 14 -Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament /PNC Music Pavilion(C)



June 16 -Ufomammut, White Hills, MAKE /Kings Barcade(R)


-ANTiSEEN, A Killing Tradition, TBA /Social Games and Brews(D)



June 17 -Crank It Loud presents ‘Winter’s Gate’ tour: Insomnium, Outliar, As Oceans/Local 506(CH/C)



June 19 -Drop Kick Murphy, Flogging Molly /Red Hat Amphiteater(R)



June 20 –Primitive Ways presents ‘Devastation On the Nation’ tour: Aborted, Psycroptic, Ingestered, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison, Signs of the Swarm, Ergodic /Motorco(D)


-The Black Dalia Murder, Whitechapel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aversions Crown, Shadow of Intent/The Tarheel(J)


June 21 -Ancalagon, Arghast, Ose /The Maywood(R)


-Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling /CCU Music Park(R)


-Blind Path Booking presents: Black Tongue(UK), Traitors, MESS, Gautama, Constellation Atlas/The DHP(F)


-Bongripper, Torch Runner, Toke, Old Painless /Local 506(CH/C)



June 23 -Birthday for Jessika: Gates of Endor, Edge of Humanity, Ghost of Saturday Night, Few Good Things /Deep South(R)


-YOB, Bell Witch /Reggie’s 42nd St. Tavern(W)



June 24 -Reverend Horton Heat, Big Sandy, Laura Hope & The Ark-Tones /The Blind Tiger(G)


-YOB, Bell Witch /Mothlight(A)



June 25 -YOB, Bell Witch /Kings Barcade(R)



June 29 -SoulSeason, Weight of Whispers, Fear the Indifference /Clayton Bevage(Clayton)



July 03 -The Goddam Gallows, Gallows Bound /Neighborhood Theatre(C)



July 04 -The Koffin Kats, The Goddam Gallows, Viva Le Lox /The Grey Eagle(A)



July 14 -Movement Productions presents: Threatpoint, Neverfall, Divine Treachery, TBA /The DHP(F)


-Digital Noir featuring DJ Michael Price & DJ Spider: Dark and aggressive Goth/Industrial dance night /The Milestone(C)



July 20 -Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling /PNC Music Pavilion(C)



July 21 -Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling /Coastal Credit Union Music Park(R)



July 23 -Witch Mountain, TBA /Mothlight(A)



July 25 -Witch Mountain, TBA /Cat’s Cradle(CH/C)



July 28 -Pray For the Wicked tour: Panic! at the Disco, Hayley Kiyoko, ARIZONA /PNC Arena(R)


-SommerKill Booking presents: Temple Of Void, Eldrich Horror, Datura, Antenora /Motorco(D)



July 30 -Van’s Warp Tour ’18:  Chelsea Grin, Unearth, Every Time I Die, Motionless In White, The Amity Affliction, Issues, Harms Way, Mychildern Mybride  w/ 47 more bands /PNC Music Pavilion(C)



Aug 02 -Black Label Society, COC, Eyehategod /The Fillmore(C)



Aug 03 -Fractured Frames, SoulSeason, Systematic Devastation /The Odditorium(A)



Aug 04 -Medium Well In Hell IV: Withered, Battlemaster, ASM, Shadow of the Destroyer, Paagtheaan, Mo’ynoq, Arghast, Grethor, Erlkonig /The Maywood(R)



Aug 07 -Mourning in Amerika tour: Rise Against, AFI, Anti Flag /Red Hat Amphitheater(R)



Sep 06 – Hopscotch Music Festival: MC5 plus many more, 12 different venues over 4 days /(R)



Sep 20 -DRI, Kaustik, Drunk In a Dumpster /The Grey Eagle(A)



Sep 21 -DRI, Kaustik, Few Good Things /The Maywood(R)



Sep 22 -DRI, Kaustik, Drunk In a Dumpster, No Anger Control /The Rabbit Hole(C)



Oct 06 -American Tattoo Society presents: hed PE, Seeking Solace, Bridge To Breakdown, The Cult Classics, Strangers /The DHP(F)



Oct 09 -Alice Cooper, A Paranormal Evening with /Ovens Auditorium(C)



Oct 10 -Crank It Loud presents: Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Omnium Gatherum /Motorco(D)



Oct 22 -Metallica /Spectrum Center(C)



Nov 10 -American Tattoo Society presents: Doyle, Grim Details /The DHP(F)



Nov 16 -Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Doyle, The Cult Classic, Era Gone /The Maywood(R)



Nov 18 -Johnny ‘Cutt Promotions presents: Doyle, Abstractionist, Ethyrium /The Calico Room(W)


Jan 28 -Metallica /PNC Arena(R)


(R)-Raleigh                                         (D)-Durham
(CH/C)-Chapel Hill/Carrboro          (G)-Greensboro
(F)-Fayetteville                                 (WS)-Winston Salem
(T)-Thomasville                                (M)-Murfreesboro
(J)-Jacksonville                                 (W)-Wilmington
(C)-Charlotte                                     (A)-Asheville
(H)-Hickory                                       (S)-Salisbury



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    • Completely understand that, but do to life, and this being a free endeavor of our time and effort, the time it took to post and keep current all the pages just could no longer be maintained. If/When we have more help and time to dedicate, we will be back at it.


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